FESTURI – a multicultural celebration Incorporated, is a not for profit organisation, that is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Our core business is to produce FESTURI, the Sunshine Coast’s premier multicultural festival, a family friendly community event that celebrates cultural diversity.

From it’s small beginning’s now in it’s 15th year, FESTURI began in 1999 at Nambour State High School. We acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the parents, teachers and friends from the Sunshine Coast Intensive English Unit, at the Nambour State High School, in the foundation years of the annual event.

That first event has evolved into a 2 day multicultural community event, that is now held in conjunction with the NEW Caloundra Fringe Festival – a lead up event to the Annual Caloundra Music Festival.

Our office is located in the Nambour Community Centre, 2 Shearer Street, Nambour. The community centre is a fantastic place; providing services and support for the community, an ideal environment for FESTURI.

Our organisation consists of a voluntary Management Committee, and a small team of short term contracted staff and general members (supporters).

Members are able to vote at the Annual General Meetings, and provide input into the organisation, the annual festival and other activities. A membership fee of $10 assists in covering administration fees. To obtain a membership form, email festuri.info@gmail.com or 0435 441 703.

Management Committee 2014:

President: Mr Lex Kocsis

Treasurer: Ms Sarka Stepankoba

Secretary: Ms Severine Littee

General Committee:
Mr Robert Gibbs, Ms Melinda Thompson, Mr Dwayne Eggmoiesse, Ms Florence Teillet and Mr Dominique Cisse. �
Committee: festuri.info@gmail.com